Although talk of co-working has only recently become part of workplace vernacular, there are already tens of thousands of employees working in co-working spaces and reaping the benefits of so doing. Co-working has had huge growth in terms of the way offices are set up for several years now, and the amount of people working in these kinds of office environments is growing rapidly: so, what are the benefits?
Before looking at the potential benefits of co-working environments, it’s useful to lay our exactly what the term means. Cor-working, in its simplest form, entails multiple business entities working in the same space – often sharing certain resources (printing facilities, meeting rooms, break rooms etc) – and is a rapidly growing concept particularly in cities where business premises are largely priced out of the reach of SMEs.

So, how is this model of benefit?


Social Interaction

It comes as no surprise that working alone has it’s restrictions and experts believe it can actually be detrimental to your well being to work alone. It’s not hard to understand why lone working can have such a negative effect on your well being and your mood with recent research in the workplace identifying a sense of isolation and lack of human interaction being significant factors in stress, depression and feelings of lack of self-worth in employees. Co-working offers an opportunity to have social interaction with co-workers and those of other business who occupy the workspace but maintain the level of professional independence you will need in some areas of your working day.


If you’re working in the bigger cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, you will find that personal office spaces can be extremely expensive and an expense many SMEs and start-ups can ill afford. However, co-working spaces offer a professional set up, at a fraction of the price. Most co-working spaces have meeting rooms and professional areas that you can hire and use for meetings, allowing you to continue to thrive and run your business as it grows.

Sharing ideas

If you are a small business, you will likely have been working in coffee shops or at the dining room table for months or even years as you begin your journey. However, although these spaces are convenient, they are not ideal for providing the right working environment and often, you will find that you become distracted easily and won’t be as productive as you can be. Co-working offices are designed to provide a professional atmosphere and can help you to work with like-minded people with whom you can share ideas, ask for advice, discuss business issues etc and form strong business relationships.

Increased productivity

Making a co-working space your choice of working environment can increase productivity by 64% according to recent research. Co-working regulars say that they find it easier to complete tasks in good time and the space provides an atmosphere of professionalism from the design of the office to the co-workers using the space. Some co-working business owners champion the use of multiple co-working spaces to stimulate and refresh your work energy and enable you to vary your environment which is great for your well being.

Overall, the design and set up of co-working spaces is really thriving in the professional sector, especially for new business owners offering a professional working space that allows you to have a good running of your business with accessibility to your business needs like meeting rooms and offering a place for you to meet new people and be inspired by other like minded professionals.