Many businesses have moved into the work from home set up over the last 18 months, and with productivity levels maintained and work from home actually working out for so many, lots of businesses are starting to consider downsizing their office space, and offering a more flexible working pattern to reduce the amount of contact in the office as we continue to control coronavirus and keep opportunities to spread minimal.

So, you’re thinking of downsizing your office? We have some great tips…

Understanding Your Business Needs Post Pandemic…

Getting a grasp on what your business needs moving forward is essential for not wasting money, keeping employee safety a priority and will help you to develop an organised working structure in no time as everything starts to reopen across the UK.

If your office has been closed throughout, it would be a good idea to go in and plan the safety measures needed whilst making sure you can create a socially distant working environment for your employees. Then you can work out what would be best in terms of downsizing, and how many people it will be possible to have in at any given time.

There are a number of measures that can be put into place to ensure a safe as possible working environment is created for your workforce including screens, hand sanitisation stations and the arranging of office furniture to provide for social distancing, among others. For more details, please see our article HERE.

Relocate Or Restructure?

You will need to consider whether it would be more beneficial to downsize by relocation or restructure of your current office design, dependant on your plans moving forward for the working patterns of your employees. Either way this isn’t a decision to take lightly and we recommend relocation should be considered only if you are in a office that is far too large, and the expenses outweigh the use of the office.

If you just want to restructure the office, there are many ways you can do so quickly and cost effectively, you can employ office design companies like Paradigm Office Interiors to help you create a better visual idea for the redesign and restructure of your office that offers a safe and productive working space for employees as the flexibly work.

Employee Safety

As touched on above, employee safety has to be the highest priority for every business owner trying to reintroduce the office back into a functioning working environment. Safety shouldn’t be compromised, and you can obtain a number of furnishings and safety equipment solutions that will help you create a COVID safe working environment to alleviate the anxieties of employees returning to the workplace for the first time in over a year.

Proper personal protective equipment will need to be made available to employees and making sure communal areas have been restructured to ensure minimal personal contact is made between employees and congregation in smaller areas cannot occur.

If you are thinking of downsizing and needing an office restructure, redesign or a refresh on your office furniture, as well as safety equipment, look no further than Paradigm Office Interiors for comprehensive solutions to your downsizing needs.