In the ever-changing world of modern-day business, flexibility and responding to change is key but how flexible and responsive are your business premises? The great upheaval of moving premises is not always the answer with a refit of existing workspace being frequently the more economical and astute choice.

The incorporation of additional workers, changes in business practices or more storage space being required are often touted as sufficient reasons to consider relocating a business to new premises. However, it can be argued that the costs and disruption involved in such a move greatly outweigh the benefits when compared to a refurbishment/refit of existing premises. In many instances it is prudent to think of the shop analogy: if you have a fixed-sized shop unit you have many options as to number of displays, position of counter, number of checkouts, amount of shelving etc and such a change in emphasis would simply involve shop fitters re-configuring the space – the business wouldn’t move shop every time!

So, if you think of your total workspace in this manner, and are considering a business relocation it is always worth weighing-up such a move against what can be achieved to accommodate change within your existing premises.

Whilst the considerations are many, a refurb/fitout of existing premises can often achieve what is required thus removing many of the ‘cons’ of relocation whilst ticking the boxes of the ‘pros’.


Do you need more physical floorspace?

This is often a key consideration, although in reality not always the case (see below), but there are often other ways to solve this issue in situ

For example, if your business carries stock, you may need to physically carry more stock/increase warehousing space and thus require psychical floorspace expansion to accommodate this. However, dependent upon the nature of your existing premises, the installation of a mezzanine floor can be used to increase floorspace but within an existing structure.

Mezzanine floors can be configured as required from simply providing a ‘floor’ upon which to store items to providing additional office space, washrooms, breakout rooms, kitchen facilities etc.


Do you wish to reconfigure your working environment?

There are many different types of business premises that can, in-part due to their age of their construction, vary greatly from a ‘rabbit-warren’ of corridors and small offices to huge, open-plan collaborative spaces. The changing exigencies of your business may favour a move toward one layout or another but ultimately such changes can often be achieved within the existing space available. 

A full strip-out and refurb can usually be undertaken in a phased manner to minimise business disruption with no limit on the internal configurations of the space being achieved. Even the more traditional concept of compartmentalisation can be achieved with an open-plan feel if required by the careful use of silicon glazed partitioning.


Do you need to accommodate more staff?

Again, there is a misconception here that the hiring of more staff necessitates the move to larger premises. 

Of course, whilst there are physical limits on how many people can safely and efficiently operate in any given space, an office refurb with careful space planning can most often overcome any issues with the expert utilisation of specific office furniture, partitioning, amenities and open spaces. 


Do your premises give a good impression to clients?

Poor layout, cramped working conditions, tired decor, lack of facilities, obtrusive data cabling/trunking, worn carpets, for example, all combine to give a poor impression of a business – and furthermore can impact on staff morale and productivity – and the more of these issues your business experiences, the greater the spur to feel the current premises have outgrown their worth.

However, consider the refit approach: look at the space you have available and imagine it completely gutted, stripped back to bare walls and floors – an empty box. That’s where a good refurb should have its starting point, then combining this with the needs of the business enables the company undertaking the work to arrive at a plan that will resolve the problems through wall covering, suspended ceilings, data cabling, floor coverings, partitioning, office furniture etc.

A full office refurb can really look like a totally different office space once completed!


If you are considering a business relocation based upon answering ‘yes’ to most of the above, we’d recommend having a chat with us before you make your final decision as we’re sure, in most instances, that with our help your could achieve your business goals in a less disruptive and financially prudent manner through an office refurb.