Employees each have different psychological needs and a one-size-fits-all solution for office interior design does little to contribute to an effective, well balanced workforce.

The perfect environment caters to the need to create a space that accounts for different ranges of work functions and work types and that also allows individuals to be productive and reach the best version of themselves possible in the office.

Herman Miller’s Drew Himmelstein writes, “Workers are looking for something more than a desk: they want to spend their days in an inspiring space that contributes to their purpose, facilitates their cognitive and physical well-being, and allows them to concentrate and interact productively with their colleagues.”

Balance Is achieved when demands of the office and the workers physiological needs are both met on an equal footing.


Changing The Culture

Walk a traditionalist employer into a Google office and they will be shocked that any work gets done in such a cosy and relaxing environment.

The US Workplace Survey 2013 by Gensler found that “Companies that offered a balanced workplace with a variety of different workspaces for different tasks outperformed those offering just one option.”

It’s because such environments have a key focus on employee physical and mental well-being and this makes the employee feel important to the company thus, commitment to their work and the company is higher.

Enthusiasm and productivity also increase under these conditions.


Tips for Creating a Fantastic Office Space – Attention To Detail Counts!

  • A little colour boosts happiness, productivity and creativity.
  • Add a touch of mother nature using plants, stones, woods and neutral colours for natural, cosy look.
  • Eliminate wires and clutter from desktops for a clean and simple space.


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