Keeping your office free from clutter is something that you should definitely do to enable effective working practices. Heaps of files and paperwork, stationery and a multitude of other stuff can unfortunately end up been made to live in piles on employees desks and cupboards.

Ultimately if this is not addressed, you will end up working in an unhealthy and cluttered office. So let us outline some tips you can try out to avoid such a situation:

1. Having enough cupboards and filing cabinets: Sounds simple, but one problem could be that there is not enough storage space available. If this is the case you should buy some new furniture so as to have more space where to store your items and paperwork. Hooks, coat racks and umbrella stands are other things that you may want to consider to help keep your office tidy.

2. Assign a place for everything: Often you may simply leave something on your desk because you do not know where it should go. Make sure that there is a place or a file for everything, so that once you are done with a sheet of paper or a file, you put it in its rightful place immediately! This habit can work wonders to keep the office clean, tidy and efficient. Filing cabinets that enable you to sort your documents are ideal for most offices. Alphabetical lists, labelled items and cupboards can really be a great help to store your items properly and allow for quick retrieval when required. tidy-workplace-02

3. Opting for an off-site storage unit: Another practical idea is to consider having an off-site storage unit. This could help solve your problems as any items and documents that you do not use but are required for archive can be placed here. This can free up plenty of space from the office, and will enable you to store items that you use regularly in the filing cabinets and cupboards that you have. Most offices have limited space, so a storage unit can help you to make use of the space available more efficiently and effectively.

4. Changing the layout of the office: Designing your office in a way that offers employees sufficient space, while ensuring that there is room for everything, is really important. Also, a refurbishment from time to time can work wonders for employee morale. Proper planning and interior design can bring an office to life. Business owners have often been astounded at how a newly organised office has boosted productivity. After all human beings tend to like to work in a pleasant and well laid out environment.