At Paradigm Office Interiors, we have worked with a wealth of businesses of all sizes to refurbish, redesign and refresh their office spaces to enhance the quality of the work being performed and to represent the business brand better. There are many ways you can make changes to your current office space and can vary from simple cost-effective office furniture upgrades to large scale structural development and redesign.

From our base in Birmingham, Paradigm Office Interiors offer a wide-range of services to suit the needs and budgets of our clients and work with our clients every step of the way from design and planning, through to installation and fit-out.


Rather than looking from left to right at where you can expand next, try looking up! If you are in a building with a high roof then why not build above? Unlike traditional methods where footings and supporting brickwork walls are required – which can cause complete chaos to the operation of the business – Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors offer an effective solution. Whether you require a mezzanine floor for storage only or for additional office space, we have the answer.


When deciding on the type of partitioning that best suits your needs, it is important to take into consideration a number of questions: is the partitioning for industrial use, is noise reduction an issue, does it need to be fire rated, is glazing required? Also, from the colour for powder coating right through to the type of door furniture required – careful consideration must be given, making sure that the end result as well as being functional looks modern and shouts efficiency. Paradigm offer a wide range of partitioning solutions.


Suspended ceilings are used as a popular means of improving interior space as they function as secondary ceilings having many essential benefits such as improving the aesthetic appeal of your workspace with suspended ceilings being available in a variety of colours and patterns which add a new dimension to the interior space and make it look more inviting. Ultra modern lighting which is installed with the suspended ceilings is a good way to balance light dispersion in a way which illuminates the space perfectly and suspended ceilings act as an additional cover for the original ceilings and hide any wiring or piping wherever required. They also hide any imperfections with the ceiling design and colouring.


Dilapidations occur primarily at the end of a lease. “Tenants enter commercial leases agreeing to keep premises in repair; if they do not, the law of dilapidations applies. Landlords have the ability to serve a schedule of dilapidations on a tenant either during or more commonly a the end of the lease, itemising the breaches of covenant. Remedies for the landlord will be for the tenant to undertake the specified works or for them to seek to recover from the tenant the cost of making good the repair.

When faced with a schedule of dilapidations we can provide a full range of services to both landlords and tenants. The dilapidations works could call for considerable internal and external refurbishment work to restore the premises to their original condition and layout.

As you can see we offer a number of different services, and we can tailor each of these office design solutions and more to suit the needs of your business. We also supply a wide range of office furniture to suit many different budgets, needs and design goals.