Your employees are your best assets, invest in them and your business by encouraging healthy lifestyles and providing a safe and inspiring place to work. Here are 5 areas where you can show your support and help create a happier, healthier work space.



Snacking in the workplace is a pretty common activity. If your company provides vending machines, check to see if there are healthy options that can be included with the regular stock of sweets and crisps.

You can even take it a step further and surprise your staff with a healthy lunch delivered to celebrate meeting company goals or to show your appreciation for a job well done.



It is important to stay hydrated during the day, for physical and mental reasons. The body operates better when it is properly hydrated. The mental benefits of drinking enough water are an improvement in concentration and productivity.

Become aware of what beverage options are available to your employees. Is there more coffee than water? Consuming too much caffeine throughout the day can actually cause dehydration.

Think about installing an extra water cooler or stocking more bottled water in break areas. Herbal teas are an excellent choice for a decaffeinated option with lots of flavour choices. Green teas also provide lots of health benefits. Sparkling water can replace some of the sodas while still providing the effervescence people want.


Break Time

Reassure your staff that taking short 10 minute breaks from their desk is a healthy habit. We’ve all heard that too much screen time negatively affects one’s eyes. Stepping away from your desk for just 10 minutes can keep the mind fresh throughout the day.

Set up small break areas that are away from the main work area. Offer different furniture to sit on and a tall table to lean against to stretch the legs. Keep a supply books and magazines around that aren’t related to your industry to give minds a break.


Physical Health

The first place to start is your office space – Is it ergonomically correct? Are desks or chairs adjustable to avoid neck and back pain? Is it time to replace some office chairs that have been around too long? Are your wrists properly placed and supported so your wrists are not at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome?

To go a step further, ask if staff members are interested in organizing group walks during their lunch breaks. Is there a gym nearby that could offer a discounted membership rate that employees can use before or after work?


Emotional Support

This is an area that has been overlooked for far too long, yet can have the biggest impact on your staffs’ well-being.

Creating a positive and supportive work environment lets your employees know they are valued and appreciated. Start simple by forming connections with wellness professionals in your area to provide resources for healthy living. You could offer Yoga or Talk Therapy sessions.

It is also important to know when someone is experiencing more serious life challenges. Check with your insurance provider about an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). These programmes are usually a free and offer confidential support and assistance for employees.