When it comes to choosing office furniture and developing an office refurbishment plan, storage solutions and general consideration for storage needs can be one of the last areas of attention. However, office storage is a highly important element in developing your office floor plan and will make or break the productivity and effects the functionality of your everyday working environment depending on how well you manage your storage systems.

So, which storage system would be best for your office space?

The term paperless office, is a common term that has been thrown about the office for many decades, but seems to have never taken off. Is it possible to be completely digital when it comes to office storage? The answer is simply no, and here’s why.

Keeping hard copies – There is absolutely nothing worse than losing a file or accidentally deleting folders etc. Hard copies of the most important documents that you cannot afford should be of the highest priority and filed accordingly.

Wellbeing – Personal storage for your employees in the office is essential for giving them a sense of belonging and has been proven to improve wellbeing.

Perfect for audits – When and if you have audits, it is so much easier to be able to pull whatever is needed to hand as soon as possible and can help you with organising for a visit.

What should you consider when it comes to storage in your office and how these elements need to be adjusted depending on your office…


The size of your office storage solutions is probably the highest priority consideration you need to take when designing your office and storage space. How much storage do you really need and will that likely need to expand over the months and years ahead? Giving your storage space to grow is essential for any successful business and should be considered when drawing up office refurb plans.


You need to create a working environment that is comfortable, well organised and easy for your employees to work in, this includes your storage systems. Making sure your storage systems are as accessible as possible will allow your employees to work seamlessly and productively throughout the day.


Making sure you choose a storage system that suits and flows into your office aesthetic is essential for keeping everything together, organised and on brand. Having eye sore storage that is spilling out will make your office look messy and unmanageable which will ultimately start to reflect and influence your everyday working habits.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right storage system for your office, but most importantly it should have a positive impact on your office design and working environment if you prioritise finding the right storage solutions.