Office workers are known to, on average, spend up to 8 hours sitting at their chair, stationary. This can have a long term effect on the body and encourages back pain, bad posture amongst other issues. The sitting situation that the modern worker has found themselves sees them stationary for large portions of the day which can result in workers feeling negative and taking more sick days.

Using the right chairs and investing in the posture and general health of your employees is essential if you want to maintain a positive attitude and reduce sick day rates. Something as simple as switching out your basic office chairs with ergonomic chairs can be a small investment that will pay off more than double in the not so distant future.

So, what are the primary health benefits of using ergonomic chairs?

Reducing Pressure On Hips

Ergonomic chairs offer many benefits, including a reduction in pressure on hips. Sitting for long periods is never good for your health, in fact your office job can be causing some serious damage to your body in the long term. Pain in the lower back and hips is one of the most common problems for office workers, and one of the most common reasons for prolonged sickness leave.

Ergonomic chairs can help with reducing the pressure on your hips by allowing you to adjust the chair according to the correct posture settings that suit your body shape.

Supporting Posture

As touched on above, posture is so important to maintaining the health of your back and lower body when your job requires you to work stationary for most parts. Bad posture is extremely common, and is the result of most long term issues that occur in those who don’t take care of their posture. Bad posture can present problems very early on, and will continue to cause problems, with increased consequences if not sorted. Ergonomic chairs are designed with posture in mind, as this is the key component to avoiding discomfort and long term problems. The chairs are completely flexible to be adjusted to what you need to maintain for good posture whilst you work.

Making Comfort A Priority

Ultimately, ergonomic chairs offer comfort, whilst looking after your body and your posture. By ensuring you are sitting correctly you will optimise your comfort, and as a result work more positively and productively. Those who work in a comfortable environment where they feel they are being looked after are likely to stay loyal to your company and offer a motivated, positive attitude to their work.


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