Office furniture that can be easily tailored to the wants and needs of employees, offering flexibility in working preferences amongst a group of people, is the most desired furniture in the business. From adjusting to sit comfortable to accommodating those who enjoy standing whilst they work, height adjustable desks have been a popular choice amongst some of the biggest businesses in the world.

Height adjustable desks are designed to offer flexibility and increased movement in employees as they navigate through the working day, offering many benefits when used to their optimal performances.

  • You will burn more calories by adjusting your desk from sitting to standing, adding variety to your day and optimising your health and comfort in the long run.
  • Proven to lower the risk of weight gain – as mentioned above adjusting your desk to standing allows for movement during your working day and breaks up those periods of prolonged sitting.
  • Being more active over your day will reduce the amounts of aches and pains you are likely to experience if you just sit at your desk all day without the right posture that could be better achieved with a height adjusting desks.
  • Will make you more alert – increasing your ability to focus and concentrate better.
  • Allows you to be more engaged in work and with colleagues
  • Reduced eye strain when you are sitting correctly at the right height or using the standing option.
  • Increased blood circulation when you combine sitting and standing equally over the day.

Height adjustable desks are hugely popular and increasingly benefiting many employees, as the working day becomes longer and posture related issues in office employees continues to increase and contribute to 46% of sick days taken in the UK.

Are height adjustable desks worth the cost?

Although ergonomic chairs are constantly being developed and offering a range of health rated benefits that make a positive impact on employees, we still think the height adjustable desk is a worthwhile investment in your office and into your employees. Height adjustable desks have been proven to reduce the amount of sick days recorded and offer a plethora of health benefits in both short term and long term experiences.

There is enough evidence to support the serious consequences of constant sitting including an increased risk in heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Height adjustable desks that allow standing options for employees should be a priority for all businesses who value the health of their employees, and want to see an increase in efficiency, health and motivation, as well as a decrease in posture related sick days taken.

If you are interested in height adjustable desks or would like more information/advice on the ways you can improve the quality of your office furniture for your business and employees, Paradigm Interiors can help.