You can have the best and most expensive office chair available, but if you’re not using it correctly, then you won’t benefit from the full advantages of your chair including the right posture and the right comfort to enable you to be more motivated and focused as well as less fatigued.

We’re sharing four ways to make your office chairs more comfortable, so you can get the best from yours and have a better working day.

Switch from sitting to standing often

Many studies and researchers have found that sitting for long periods is detrimental to our wellbeing and our physical being, linked with heart problems and much more, so it’s really important to find the right balance between sitting and standing, keeping your body as active as you can during long working days.

Switching from sitting to standing in regular intervals is recommended in your everyday working life, you will find that when you are sitting you will be more focused and more comfortably as a result of switching between stances.

Customise your chair to make it work for you

Each of us are very unique and our physicality is different in many ways, so it’s important to find what works for you and there is no size fits all when it comes to office chairs and getting comfortable in your working environment.

You will need to adjust your chair to make it right for you, you won’t get the best from your office chair if you just use your chair as it comes in the box. Spend time getting to know and trialling different adjustments to find what works for you, eventually you will find the right settings and the right adjustments to get the best from your chair.

Keep the back rest as flexible as possible

Rigid chairs with no adjustability and flexibility in the back rest will have you upright at a particular angle all day, every single day and that set up is not going to be beneficial to your wellbeing.

Not every job allows you to walk off the prolonged periods, so if you’re in one of these careers it is important to use an office chair that allows you to adjust your back over the course of the day. Ergonomic chairs that have a flexible back rest are perfect for those who don’t have the opportunity to move around as much, and will make your day much more comfortable.

Adjusting the arm rest

If you don’t adjust your arm rests to suit you, you will give yourself more opportunities to slump in your chair and cause bad posture that over time will cause you negative effects to your health, so even this little adjustment can have a huge effect on your comfort in your office chair.

It is important to find a chair that has adjustable arm rests, and then finding what is perfect for you and your unique needs in your working environment. This little flexibility will take pressure off your spine and allow you to work to your fullest potential whilst maintaining good health.