Furnishing your office with the right furniture is essential for getting the best out of your employees and establishing your brand in the workplace, picking the right furniture can make a such a huge difference to the success and identity of your business.

From executive chairs, to coworking desks, lighting and partitioning walls there is plenty to consider when choosing your office furniture, and finding the right fit can inspire motivation, productivity and a high functioning working environment for your employees to work and develop in.

With so many options it’s easy to make mistakes and Paradigm Office Interiors are sharing some of the mistakes you must avoid when purchasing your office furniture.

Prioritising style over comfort

Whilst there is nothing wrong with making style a big priority in the way you design your office, making sure you don’t sacrifice comfort in the meantime is essential.

You could have the most modern and stylish office design but if it isn’t comfortable your employees will struggle to stay focused and enjoy their working environment which will ultimately be detrimental to your business.

Making sure you combine the two in equal measure and prioritise both equally, you will be in good stead to build a high functioning office design.

Not working out the right budget

One mistake you must avoid is not putting together the right budget for your office furniture, without meticulous planning you could easily overspend or even not allocate the right amount of money for the office furniture and find yourself getting caught short.

Many businesses make this mistake and only realise that when they start shopping they haven’t allocated the right budget, no matter what your budget is ultimately you can find the right furniture to suit, it’s just making sure you plan for whatever you are in the position to spend.

Overlooking privacy and confidentiality

Whether you are creating an open office design or not, overlooking the element of privacy and confidentiality needed in particular areas of your office can be a huge mistake that will cost you more money in the long run.

Making sure you accommodate for all areas of your business by developing a floor plan that includes the furniture needs of each area is integral to getting your office refurbishment right the first time.

Scrimping on quality and ergonomics

Being tight and compromising on high quality furniture can cost you even more money in the long run as you could find yourself replacing cheaper and lower quality furniture much quicker.

Scrimping on ergonomics as well can be a bad idea as using cheaply made furniture that isn’t adjustable to offer your employees comfort could be a nightmare as uncomfortable employees will find it easier to get distracted, struggle to maintain focus and could suffer long term pains and aches that could leave employees at a higher risk of taking sick days.

Paradigm Office Interiors can help you no matter how big or small your budget may be, making sure that you get the right furniture to suit your business needs and demands.