Buying office furniture can be a complicated process, and it is really important to have a clear idea and vision in mind of exactly what you want and identifying the right furniture for your business.

There are many opportunities to make mistakes when you are purchasing furniture, we’re sharing a few mistakes you could make easily without thorough consideration.

Size and measurements

One very common mistake we see in office refurbishment is buyers underestimating or getting the sizing completely wrong on what they need to fill space and what furniture will actually fit inside their office comfortably.

Making sure you take measurements and have an accurate projection of the size of furniture needed is essential to not only saving you money but saving you time in your office fit-out.

Not buying enough furniture

Not buying enough desks and chairs to cover everybody can be frustrating as you many need to then wait even longer to complete your fit out.

It’s essential that you buy enough furniture to fit your plans and your workforce, especially if your business is projected to grow in the near future and you intend to recruit more people.

Not correctly identifying your budget

It is really important to make sure you have a good understanding of the budget needed to complete your office furniture purchases, and not doing so can put you in a different financial situation than you anticipated.

Having a clear idea of the kind of money you’re willing to spend and what furniture you want to purchase, in order to research and build a budget that is suitable to your needs.

Researching the prices and getting quotes from office furniture companies should put you in good stead for putting together a budget that is suitable and will give you less risk of being caught out of your budget.

Scrimping on ergonomics

Everybody is trying to save money, but there are certain things, especially with furniture, that you can’t cut corners on.

Providing comfortable surroundings for your workforce should be ahead of tight budgets, an investment in furniture that is going to fully support your employees to protect them from strains and injuries from long working hours.

Making sure you provide ergonomic furniture for your employees doesn’t just benefit them and their wellbeing but benefits your business as employees will feel more productive for longer due to comfort and reduces the amount of sick days due to muscle strain, fatigue and injuries to the back and neck.

Buying office furniture doesn’t have to be a challenge, and Paradigm Office Interiors can help you build an idea of what you need and how much it is likely to cost you, so that you can refurbish or fit out your office space with confidence and an experience hand on board.