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The Top Features of a Good Office Chair

If you have been spending eight or more hours a day sitting in an uncomfortable office chair, the odds are that your back and other body parts are letting you know it. Your physical health can be greatly jeopardised if you’re sitting for long periods in a chair that is not ergonomically designed.

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Office Refurbishment For Maximum Staff Productivity

A company can benefit from a whole range of improvements from an office refurbishment. When you’re working in an uninspiring and dull environment, it can lead to lower levels of creativity. All that’s needed to solve that issue is a highly presentable and well laid out office.

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Office Design Tips for the Here and Now!

Sooner or later, be it because your business has expanded or due to other reasons, you’ll need to move it to a new office space and this can be a great opportunity to make many positive changes that are going to help your business grow even more.

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Is How You Sit in Your Office Chair Really That Important?

Yes it is.  There you go, a nice quick answer!

However, it can be a challenge for most people to maintain a good posture while they are sitting at work in their office chair. Those long hours staring at a computer monitor often lead to the person leaning forward to get a better look at the computer monitor.

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4 Health Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

Although standing desks can sound a little like they’re just a passing health fad, an ever growing amount of research has proven that a sedentary lifestyle can result in damaging your body.

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