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Creating Space Within Space

Office partitions offer enhanced privacy and improved acoustics without the need for partitioning your office permanently.

When deciding on the type of partitioning that best suits your needs, it is important to take into consideration a number of questions: is the partitioning for industrial use, is noise reduction an issue, does it need to be fire rated, is glazing required? Also, from the colour for powder coating right through to the type of door furniture required – careful consideration must be given, making sure that the end result as well as being functional looks modern and shouts efficiency.

Glazed Office partitioning

Stud partitioning is a demountable galvanized framed system, with full height plasterboards screw fixed either side of a 50 or 70mm metal stud with either taped and filled or clamped and covered with cover trims. It is available in a wide number of configurations including solid full height, glazed full height, glazed full height, and partially glazed modules and is so flexible in its design concept that almost any variation of the above is available – even all glass – no framework – giving that total ‘Open Plan’ ambience.

Demountable Partitioning also known as composite partitioning is the most popular partitioning system for office areas, due to its flexibility of application. It is a fully demountable and re-locatable framed partitioning system, with full height honeycomb panels that can be finished glazed in a choice of elevations. Panels are easily modified on site to suit even the most critical angle making virtually any layout possible.

Frameless Glazed Office partitioning

Due to its robust characteristics and its easy to install and maintain modules, it is an extremely popular choice for warehouse and factory environments. Whether the application is for single skin or double skin, both systems offer the flexibility to incorporate glass or mesh panels to many different elevations. The standard finish on the steel is powder coating in five colours, but can be personalised to suit a colour of your choice. If decibel ratings or fire ratings are required then our Double Skin Partitioning will offer these.

Everyone loves a ‘WOW’ factor. With Silicon Glazed Partitioning (also known as frameless) and the limitless options of Graphics and Manifestation, the elusions that can be created are endless. As the system suggests, with there being no obvious aluminium dividing components, the walls created can look seamless. An ‘Open Plan’ effect is instantly achieved but with the practicality of dividing up areas for confidentially due to noise reduction and privacy.

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