Do You Have A Fit-Out Project We Can Help With?

An Aesthetic & Practical Solution

If you need to create a space within a space and it doesn’t need to be a fixture then office screens could be the solution you are looking for. Screens can be desk mounted, free standing, mobile, high level and made from a wide variety of materials allowing for an aesthetically pleasing space division within the working environment.

Office screens have a number of uses in the workplace, not least providing some privacy for staff at their desks and workstations along with their acoustic noise-reduction capabilities, reducing ‘bleed’ from other staff and areas of the workplace and thus minimising the effect of the typical disturbances experienced in a busy workplace.

Our office screens can be free-standing which gives total flexibility in where they can be moved to, and thus allowing for reconfiguration of the workspace, or desk-mounted and can come in a variety of colours to suit the overall aesthetic of the office space. In addition, they can be utilised to create ‘rooms within rooms’, allowing for quiet spaces to be created in a busy environment for staff interaction or solitary working.

Our expert design team will discuss your requirements and suggest the appropriate office screens to suit your needs and those of your business and staff to ensure that the solution provided is fit-for-purpose.

Our Clients

We have provided our fit out, refurbishment and office furniture services to a wide-range of high-profile clients and continually strive to not only meet their expectations and requirements … but exceed them!