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Maintaining Order in the Workspace

Storage is an integral part of the day to day running of any office and we offer a variety of options, allowing your office to remain clutter free. From basic filing cabinets to sophisticated motorized high density storage systems we have the solution for your storage problem. Talk to us about your need and we will work with you to provide the ideal system for your office space and individual requirement.

We offer a wide range of office storage solutions from personal pedestals for individual members of staff to utilise for their ‘at desk’ storage needs’ to full fitted mass storage units than can occupy a wall in a workplace and everything in between.

Floor mounted free-standing units of various capacities can also be deployed along with the more traditional lockers allowing for multiple approaches to storage that will both work with the aesthetics of the workplace and provide functional, effective storage to ensure it is practical to keep the workplace clutter-free with suitable space provided for the storage of all the work-related equipment and supplies needed for the running of the office.

Our design team will discuss your requirements and your working practices to gain an understanding of what storage facilities are required and arrive at the perfect solution, balancing appearance with functionality, for your office and workplace storage furniture.

Our Clients

We have provided our fit out, refurbishment and office furniture services to a wide-range of high-profile clients and continually strive to not only meet their expectations and requirements … but exceed them!