An office meeting room serves as the hub for brainstorming sessions, collaborative discussions, and crucial decision-making processes.

However, outdated or dull meeting spaces can hinder productivity and dampen creativity, so upgrading your office meeting room could be an effective way to boost motivation and get your employees’ creative juices flowing.

There are so many ways you can refurbish and upgrade your meeting room, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth when doing so, we’re sharing some of our top tips for bringing your meeting room back to life on a budget.

Rethink the layout…

The best place to start is by re-evaluating the current layout of your meeting room and consider a more open layout that will encourage communication and interaction among employees.

Rearrange furniture and remove any unnecessary furniture to create more space and enhance functionality to the meeting room.

You can experiment with different seating configurations to accommodate different meeting styles, such as round tables for collaborative discussions or theatre-style seating for presentations.

Let there be light…

Lighting and colour play a significant role in creating a welcoming and energetic atmosphere in your meeting room and is a simple way to upgrade the space without breaking the bank.

Natural light should be maximised whenever possible by opening curtains or using sheer blinds, however, if natural light is limited, you can recreate it by installing energy-efficient LED lights that mimic daylight.

To go the extra mile, you can repaint the walls with fresh and uplifting colours to create a positive ambiance – blues and greens can promote a sense of calm and focus, while warm tones like yellows and oranges can stimulate creativity and engagement.

Upgrade Your Tech…

Investing in technology doesn’t have to be the costly venture it seems like it would be.

Researching high quality budget-friendly options can significantly improve your meeting room’s functionality, for example, upgrading to a wireless presentation system, allowing participants to share their screens seamlessly.

A high-quality video conferencing camera can enhance remote collaboration, whilst investing in cost-effective audio equipment, such as a quality speakerphone, can enhance communication channels with crystal-clear conversations.

Audio-visual Enhancement…

Did you know that you can enhance the audio-visual experience in your meeting room without overspending?

Hang affordable sound-absorbing panels on the walls to reduce echoes and improve sound quality and opt for a projector screen instead of an expensive TV for presentations.

You can also implement a whiteboard or a large flip chart for interactive note-taking and visual collaboration, promoting active engagement during meetings.

Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable seating is essential to keep employees focused and engaged throughout long meetings.

Purchase affordable ergonomic chairs that provide proper support and comfort and invest in affordable yet stylish furniture options, such as modular seating or bean bags, to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere for brainstorming sessions.

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, you can now purchase refurbished furniture that will cost a fraction of brand new, and will also help you create a much more sustainable office space in the process.

Just Add Plants…

Introducing some greenery into your meeting room can enhance the overall atmosphere and improve air quality in your meeting room.

Low-maintenance plants like succulents or small potted plants can thrive indoors and add a touch of nature to the space, as well as being a key component to boosting the well-being of your employees, especially when they are spending extended time in meetings.

Upgrading your office meeting room on a budget is entirely achievable with some careful planning and strategic choices.

Remember, the end goal is to create an environment in your meeting room that boosts creativity and engagement, without compromising the budget, and our ideas shared are all great ways to stay within your limits financially whilst enhancing your office design.