We’re well into 2020 now and it is interesting to see the unique directions that office design trends are going into. The workplace is continuously evolving and new trends are developing and becoming more popular as time goes on. We have been taking a closer look at what you can expect from office design trends, and why you should be incorporating into your very own office environment.


Human beings crave natural light, and there have been many scientific studies surrounding the fact that humans thrive and work better when natural light is optimised. Whilst the idea of working next to a wide window isn’t groundbreaking or anything new, the importance of natural light in the office environment has been increasingly projected.

Natural light offers a huge range of benefits to your employees including better health, both physically and mentally and has been proven to boost productivity amongst workers. Office designers have made natural light a high priority when putting together a working space in the modern office, and it really isn’t that hard to do if your office has plenty of windows. Restructuring your office to ensure that your employees will be facing or working in direct contact with natural light is a simple and extremely cost effective way to improve the way your employees work and enhance their wellbeing both professionally and personally.


Again, sustainable design is nothing new, but the increase in environment conscious companies has sky rocketed in 2020. Climate change, sustainability and consumption have taken centre stage in the last few months and has been reflecting on the biggest businesses in the world. This direct connection to business being able to make a direct impact on improving the environmental issues we are facing, has seen many businesses and brands rethink how they can improve their sustainability.

When designing your office, choosing more sustainable materials and purchasing refurbished or upcycled furniture can have a great impact on your carbon footprint and is one of the simplest ways to lower your consumption. There are unique office designers who work especially with businesses to improve their sustainability in and around the office, and we expect this to become more and more important to office environments as the year goes on.


Office designers are always looking for ways to increase working space, especially in smaller or more complex office buildings. Unconventional space is finding space in a place you wouldn’t expect to find it or utilise. From window ledges to open space under staircases, maximising your available space has never been more popular. Many modern offices even have work areas built into walls inside the office, offering a small but easy space for employees to work in.

Known as the ‘third space’ between office designers, it has been a controversial design idea that divides opinion for designers. Some find the unconventional space design too functional. However, the trend has seen a huge surge in interest in 2020 and businesses are looking for better ways to provide space for agile working.


Making the modern office a unique space that is cherished and attractive to employees has become a competitive sport in office design, with some of the biggest businesses taking the extra step and going the extra mile to offer a unique working experience to millenials.

From dedicated gyms to saunas and swimming pools, modern businesses are looking for fresh ways to offer their employees the very best working experience to promote optimal job satisfaction and productivity. Ultimately these features are designed to give businesses a competitive advantage when attracting the very best employees and harnessing their passion and ideas to be invested into your business.