Most of us spending more time than we care to sitting at our desk either working in the office or working from home, so making sure that you are sitting correctly is essential whilst we work longer hours. Making sure the height of your desk is perfect, is essential for maintaining good posture, great productivity and keeping your focus. We’re looking into the importance of getting your desk height right.

Why is office desk height so important?

Maintaining a good posture whilst working should be a top priority for everyone who sits at a desk for prolonged periods of time. Setting your desk at the right height ensures you’re not over reaching and stretching for your mouse and keyboard unnecessarily which if done often, can create a habit of hunching over, instead of maintaining good posture.

Having your desk at the right height will also enhance your comfort in your office chair which again is important, sitting comfortably can enhance your productivity and focus when you are trying to tackle your everyday tasks at work. Sitting comfortably and correctly with the right posture will also help with avoiding short term pains and aches, and will eliminate potential long term damage to your spine and back, that you could find causing you problems in later life.

What is the standard office desk height?

Generally speaking, the standard seating office desk height is between 69cm – 71cm tall, this should make working at this height comfortable for people at the average heights between 5’8” and 5’10”, smaller or taller? You will find that adjustable desks allow you and all your employees to work to their unique and specific needs.

Finding the right office desk for you…

There’s many ways you can make sure that your desk is right for you and at the right height for you to get the best out of your working environment.

  • Make sure there is plenty of space underneath your desk to ensure that you can move your legs freely and they’re not restricted.
  • Avoid desks with sharp edges to stop you from getting bumps, bruises and scratches.
  • Adding a keyboard tray to your desk can be a great way to enhance the adjustability you have.
  • Making sure your monitor is at the right eye level is another way to help you maintain good posture, use monitor stands to adjust the height to make it right for you.
  • Using an office chair that has many adjustability options – including motorised office desks – is essential for getting the height right for your personal needs.

At Paradigm Office Interiors, we offer a wide range of adjustable office furniture to help you achieve the perfect working set up to help you stay focused, motivated and healthy at work. If you are interested in height adjustable office furniture, our expert team would be happy to help you choose the right furniture for your office.