With COVID 19 changing the way we work and live, it’s no surprise that the spotlight has been brightly shining on how the economy can successfully reopen safely, and with effectiveness that will hopefully lessen the amount of business falling into the predicted recession that is due to hit the UK in the coming months.

Preparation is everything, and with the plans to open non-essential business and offices unfolding this week, we are taking a closer look at how larger offices can maintain safety and protect employees with office furniture and accessories.

Clip On Protective Screens

For larger offices, clip on protective screens are one of the best options to maintain employee safety. Colleagues will still be able to communicate and see each other through these screens, limiting isolation in an already disconnected atmosphere. The barriers are designed to protect your colleagues from the danger of spreading infection through cough, sneezing and breathing. These barriers will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to maintain optimum protection for employees.

Social Distance

Although the Government are revising their advice on 2m to 1m+ distancing as per the above image (Courtesy: freepik.com), it is important to use distancing in your ‘return to office’ plans, and even developing a new floor plan where possible for when your large office reopens to welcome employees. You can remind your colleagues of these necessary distancing rules by using markings on floors.


Upon a reopen, it is important to ensure ventilation is prioritised in the office and making the necessary adjustments to improve ventilation is essential. Natural ventilation is considering the most effective and safest way to create a safer environment for your employees, so avoiding air conditioning systems where possible is recommended and opening up windows for natural ventilation is widely advised.

Working In Booths

If you have the budget to redesign your entire office or temporarily have money to spend to create a safer working environment, booths are one of the most sought after office furniture pieces of the pandemic. It is unlikely that most businesses will have the budget or the space to provide a booth for every single employee in the office if you are working with a large scale, so using these booths sparingly and with optimum effectiveness to minimise contact is something that should be considered, as even just a few booths can create a safer working environment for the most part.

Elevate Your Hygiene Standards

Something that is as important as social distancing in large offices, is maintaining a strict hygiene and cleaning system for your colleagues and making sure everybody is following these rules to precision, to enhance the safety of themselves and their colleagues during this time. Keeping social distancing equipment clean and providing areas of sanitisation around the office, encouraging regular hand sanitising for all employees will again, improve safety for all employees.