Whilst a highly functional office design should be prioritising the needs of your employees, considering the effect the surroundings will have on guests, clients and customers is also essential. Giving the right first impression will help with building better connections and having a better reputation in your industry. So/ what design features can you incorporate in you office to make a great impression on your guests?


Your reception area will be the very first impression your guests will have of your office, and of the inner workings of your business, so make it a good one! A simple yet comfortable and welcoming approach is highly recommended with the use of soft furnishings and always ensuring the area is kept clean and uncluttered: essential to making a good first impression.

If you are redesigning your reception area, use a simple colour scheme that isn’t overwhelming with many different colours. It should be a space to make an initial introduction to your brand identity and ethics, knowing how you want your guests to see your business visually will really help with creating a design that will impress.


The next step in the office design consideration, that will mutually benefit employees and guests you’re trying to impress, is having fully functional, well designed, modern meeting rooms. Entertaining guests in a dull, poorly lit room won’t send the right message to your clients, so ensure there is plenty of natural light where possible and if not, invest in lighting that is bright.

Making sure your tech is up to scratch in your meeting rooms will also impress clients, and will help you to give a better business experience, increasing productivity and efficiency by allowing the meeting to flow with no hiccups. Ensuring your meeting rooms are a comfortable and well designed space in your office will show your customers or clients that you are conscious of creating an atmosphere, environment and experience that is positive, welcoming and considerate.


As touched on above, one of the easiest ways to create a great first impression to your customers and clients is allow lots and lots of natural light into your office. There have been numerous studies to back up the fact that natural light is mood boosting and inspires a more productive attitude in the workplace. Giving your guests lots of natural light in their surroundings will set a positive tone to your meeting and give them a great impression of the space you have created for your employees.

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