The perfect work life balance is something that everybody is trying to achieve, and businesses have been trying to capitalise on the positive effects getting it right can have on their employees. Office design is one of the best ways to make your employees feel more comfortable in their workplace and offering a professional setting that also promotes social interaction and opportunities to relax.

Essentially, most people now want to work for companies and brands who match their lifestyle, whether that be morally or sharing similar values as the company. Providing an ‘experience’ over a simple career, is something millennials are craving, and businesses are looking for new and unique ways to make working environments more user friendly for both work and play.

The agile working trend that has been used in some of the biggest businesses in the UK, has been reported to see employees happier and healthier, as well as increasing employee retention and job satisfaction. Agile office design is centred around the flexible working trend, which generally means that employees are not tied to the traditional working hours of 9 to 5, allowing people to manage their time between work, social and personal interests, evenly.

So how can you achieve an agile office design?

When designing your office to suit agile working, we suggest large tables and other furniture that supports teamwork, making it easier to have team meetings and work seamlessly on projects. Co-working is the ultimate goal for agile office design, so keeping that element in mind will help you with creating a great working space that easily supports flexible working opportunities, and the ability to move around the office without limitation.

Sofa seating and unique break out areas are another way you can incorporate agile design into your office. Adding these pieces of furniture into your office will create comfortable spaces to host informal meetings and brainstorming, whilst offering the perfect space to take a break in your working day to unwind and relax.

Focusing on centring your entire office around your employees, putting their needs first is a worthy investment that will see a huge boost in productivity, creativity and morale in the office. Technology also plays a big part in agile office design, and is one of the key elements to influencing a better working environment for your employees.

Making sure your technology is up to date and efficient, supporting flexible working is essential for your agile office design. Cloud technology and portable devices are two key digital advancements you would expect as a minimum to support flexible working. Adding more and more digital advancements that support the agile design and working more fluently will help with increasing productivity too, and with technology constantly updating and advancing there are so many options to choose from depending on your business demands and industry.

Overall, agile office design is becoming increasingly popular in the modern office, with many large businesses already changing the way they support their staff and design their offices. We spend 90% of our lives in our working environment, so designing a comfortable space that your employees want to work in is essential.