Mezzanine flooring is an elevated platform that creates an open plan second floor in a space with high ceilings. Mezzanine floors are completely separate from the main infrastructure of your building so can be installed in any area with the right dimensions and requirements.

Paradigm Interiors can assist you with the development of your mezzanine flooring that will enable you to create spaces within your building, giving you the power to expand and optimise space for your business, expanding your production abilities and offering new space for storage, office space, breakout areas …. the list of possible functions is endless!

Mezzanine flooring is a popular option for expansion options as they are cost effective and easy to install when you work with the right team to develop your new space. Paradigm Office Interiors have many years of experience in designing and installing these spaces, allowing businesses to increase productivity and expand their business without knocking down walls or relocating.

Our team will take the time to fully understand what it is you are exactly aiming to achieve with mezzanine flooring to ensure that we create and design the perfect space for your business. Our technicians and design team will work closely with you to ensure that your installation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, causing the very least disruption to the daily running of your business.

We only employ the most experienced project managers to manage our client projects and they will be able to offer insightful and unrivalled experience into you entire design and installation process. We work hard to ensure that we only work with the most efficient installation techniques and we make the health and safety of our team and yours the highest priority during the entire process.

We have successfully completed many mezzanine flooring projects with true excellence and client satisfaction. Working on a wide range of projects from small to large scale installations, we have a sound understanding and experience in time and budget management as we oversee the entire project for your business to ensure there are no hidden or unexpected expenses on both your time and budgets.