Did you know that 59% of office workers have reported stress in the workplace? Stressful situations are common in the workplace, and combating them completely seems like an impossible challenge, however finding ways to reduce the stress levels of your employees by simple office design considerations can make a huge difference to flattening those stressful situations where employees can become unmotivated and struggle to work well.


Offering a comfortable, calming and homely break out area for your employees to relax in is essential for reducing the stress levels in your office. Making sure that people have somewhere in the office they can go to take ten minutes to recoup and even just breathe, will have a great positive impact on your employees and their stress levels.


Whether you paint some green into your office, or add some real greenery into the office environment, both will have a fantastic positive impact on your employees stress levels. The biophilia theory is one that is greatly supported by some of the biggest businesses and brands in the world, where they add greenery into the office environment to improve productivity and happiness amongst workers. From moss walls, to potted plants on each desk, the possibilities are endless and by no means, expensive, to add to your office decor and design.


Making sure all of your technology in the office is highly functioning and efficient is essential for keeping those stress levels down. Poor functionality and broken technology in the workplace is a nightmare waiting to happen and should be avoided in the workplace, to make sure employees can work efficiently without frustration.


Collaborative working has been proven to reduce stress in the workplace, and is championed for some of the most creative and productive work companies have seen from their employees. Making this possible and ensuring it flows well between workers, is to create collaborative working spaces for your teams to develop and work productively and efficiently. Being involved in collaborative working will help reduce the stress amongst your workers and generate some pretty amazing work at the same time.


Allowing your employees to add homely touches that are personal to them into their working space is said to reduce stress levels. Giving your employees their own individual space to personalise and customise to whatever level you see fit will create a more comfortable environment to work in whilst inspiring creativity and reducing stress for them.