We are spending more and more time in the office and at our desks, so it is no surprise that there has been a huge increase in people suffering from back problems, usually caused by bad posture.

We are sitting in our office chairs for up to and over eight hours day, a standard chair is no longer sufficient to support your body through the immobility of your working day. Ergonomic furniture is specially designed to ensure you, your colleagues and your employees are sat correctly and fully supported by their furniture which in turn increases your well-being and, of course, research has shown that sickness absences are also reduced when the correct furniture is installed in the workplace.

Health, of ‘wellness’, in the working environment is a hot topic right now and no longer is the workplace being seen as somewhere ‘alien’ in which workers operate, but rather the workplace is being shaped to the needs of the workers themselves. It has been proven that small positive changes in and around the office can have a huge impact on productivity and enthusiasm in employees.

When buying ergonomic chairs there are five key elements you are looking for in your potential purchases:

  1. Lumber support – supports the lower back
  2. Adjustable seat depth – allows for the full support along the back of the thighs
  3. Tilt adjustment – allows for the optimum angle for a user’s legs to the floor to be achieved
  4. Height adjustment – important to provide full support for the full height of the torso
  5. Adjustable arm rests – the should rise/lower according to the height of the operator using the chair

Ergonomic chairs have cost implications over your traditional standard ‘one size fits all’ office chair, but as an investment, the long-term effects it can have on you, your colleagues and your employees is substantial and worth the investment with the bottom line being in a more productive workforce with reduced days lost to sickness the additional monies spent is recouped many-fold: no more sick days, weeks and months for back problems caused by chairs not fit for purpose.

Being comfortable promotes positive wellness and positive wellness promotes a more motivated and productive work force.

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