The modern office can often become loud as the business develops and grows with success which often comes hand in hand with more and more employees working in the same space and over time it can become a huge hindrance to their productivity.

Noise pollution is one of the biggest causes of fatigue, lack of focus, lack of motivation and in turn reduced performance and productivity to the modern employee, something growing businesses should avoid if they want to continue on an upward trajectory.

As a result, tweaking the acoustics of your office space and reducing noise pollution to create a high-functioning and balanced atmosphere for your employees should be a top priority over the aesthetics of your modern office.

We’re sharing some of the reasons you should invest in acoustic office furniture…

Confidentiality & Privacy

Both acoustic and visual privacy is important to the modern office for many reasons and is an important part of the planning and design process when developing your refurbishment.

Indeed, collaborative working and open spaces have been championed and should be part of your high-functioning office, however, knowing where to draw the line and providing spaces that can give employees and employers complete confidentiality and privacy at times is absolutely essential to protect not only business information but the thoughts and feelings of employees.

There are many ways you can create a more intimate setting in even the most open office spaces with acoustic partitioning or modern meeting pods that create a ‘closed off’ environment without compromising the free-flowing design of your office.


As mentioned above the effects that noise pollution can have on employee well-being is hugely detrimental not only to the individual but the quality of their work which in turn effects your business operation.

Purchasing acoustic furniture is a hugely worthwhile investment in the performance and productivity of your employees, as there are many ways that loud noise can cause unnecessary issues.

Noise pollution can cause fatigue and slouching having a direct impact on posture which can lead to long-term physical problems that could increase the amount of sick days your employees are taking, whilst excessive noise can also cause migraines and headaches which can effect the level of work your employees can complete throughout.

Nobody can focus or wants to work in a chaotic atmosphere and they shouldn’t be expected to either, so identifying your most high traffic areas of the office that are unavoidable and adding acoustic furniture could significantly reduce the noise levels which will give employees a much better environment to work in.


Concentration can tie in with well-being as bad acoustics and a loud atmosphere in the work-place can cause a massive loss in focus and concentration which again leads to poor performance, results and work quality.

Creating spaces that allows individual to focus on their daily tasks is essential for getting the very best from your employees and allowing them to work to the best of their ability to complete their work without distraction in an efficient and timely-fashion.

Acoustic panelling and screens are perfect for creating zones where your employees can work without distraction and with full focus on their tasks that need to be completed with urgency in open offices.