Shopping around for a new desk this new year? Maybe you should consider one of the latest trends in office furniture – standing desks. Standing desks are perceived as offering many benefits, and many businesses are already operating standing desks only in their offices worldwide. But just what are the benefits of standing desks?


Sitting at a desk for a long time is not going to beneficial to anybody, especially if those people want to stay in shape. Naturally, you’re going to eat during the day, and whilst you sit and eat, you will be completely stationary, burning no calories. There has been a clear link to obesity and working in office environments, understandably, but standing desks are here to reverse that. A standing will encourage more calorie burning, in fact almost 5 times more than sitting at your desk for an average of 8 hours, consequently keeping you in shape or even triggering weight loss.


Suffering with back pain? Thank your office chair for that. 85% of office workers aren’t sitting correctly in accordance to optimum health, and that is increasing the number of people suffering with back pain. Back pain actually accumulates over 7,500 sick days a year in the UK alone, but how can standing desks help? Standing desks relieve your back from the added pressure that comes from sitting down, which can in turn, relieve pain. 


A lack of productivity will encourage businesses to hit slumps in the workplace, which is more common than you may think. But how can standing desks help? A standing desk can eliminate the natural irritation that causes fidgeting and stop the mind from wondering elsewhere. With a standing desk it enables you to have full control of your posture and the angle you wish to work at from a standing perspective, which reduces irritation and fidgeting that can be common for seated workers.


It doesn’t take a genius to realise that sitting at your desk all day long is no good for your bodies circulation. Your body relies on movement to get the blood flowing through out the day to keep your body functioning as well as it possibly can. Sitting at your desk for an entire shift doesn’t inspire much movement and is why you will feel groggy after prolonged sitting periods. A standing desk will eliminate the lack of circulation, as you will be constantly moving and in a position to allow your blood to flow freely, which leave you less likely to feel as tired after a long shift as those sitting for the entirety.

Standing desks offer so many benefits, and can have a massive positive impact on your emotional and physical health, which is something we’re all more conscious of at this point. We are constantly reminded how sitting for long periods can have an adverse effect on our health, so this genius design of standing desks, leave little excuse for those who continue to sit for 8 hours stationary.