Your office desk is where you often spends most of your day. So this should be quite an important space, but so often the way we keep our desk is as an afterthought rather than a conscious decision.

A desk covered in old coffee mugs, stationery you might sometimes use, random family pics and a possibly a few crumbs from the last time you ate lunch at your desk, really does not bode well from a productivity perspective.

So if you’re keen to get more out of your desk time, here’s a few easy pointers of how to improve your desk space and increase your productivity!



This is the best place to start – After all those coffee mugs aren’t getting any cleaner on your desk! Clear away everything that you don’t need to be on your desk. Create other storage solutions within arms distance, if you need easy access to these items. Whatever you don’t need, throw away – Letting go of rubbish you’ve collected is a very positive feeling!


Keep It Green

Bring green back in! Research has shown that plants have a very positive effect on people and help to create a more friendly, calming environment, which in turn makes people feel more positive, happier and aids memory.


Another benefit to having plants indoors is that they are like air filters and actually remove bacteria and mould from the environment and convert CO2 into oxygen. And a bunch of flowers from the boss or team leader never did anyone any harm either!


Colour Me Positive

The colour that you’re surrounded with has a huge effect on one. If you’re able to paint your wall, use a colour that brings you the experience you want to have at your desk space e.g. green is generally calming, yellow usually inspires creativity & innovation and blue creates an more relaxed, collaborative environment.

But if painting is not an option, then use what you can to create the environment that you most want to work in. You can bring colour to your desk space by using wall art, pictures and photos, post-it’s, stationery holders etc.


Stand Tall

And last but not least, if you spend a large amount of time sitting at your desk, it may be a good idea to look into getting a standing desk. One’s body burns up more kilojoules by standing and research is showing more and more that prolonged periods of sitting have seriously adverse health risks, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Standing desks are great as they can be adjusted and when you’ve had enough standing, you can lower your desk to the sitting position again.


So here’s to a better looking, more productive work space in the near future!


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