Not every office has a huge amount of space to fill, in fact your office may feel more like a cupboard than a work space. Luckily, office furniture manufacturers and designers recognise that offices come in all shapes and sizes, consequently creating space saving office furniture, that allow you to get the job done and utilise the space around you as efficiently as an office ten times your size.

In this post we will be sharing our must have space saving office furniture that will optimise your small space. 


One of the most popular pieces of office furniture for small work spaces is the desk & drawer combination. Available almost everywhere, and offering many dimensions to fit your needs, the desk & drawer combination is a space saving saviour. Drawer units are imperative to keeping your office organised, with desk & drawer combinations you are freeing up space in your small office for other necessities. 


Floating desk and shelf units are a staple for small offices and can help to save a lot of space due to their ability to be fixed to walls instead of having an external frame, which of course, takes up more room. Stylish and versatile, floating desks and shelves can be fitted into the tightest of spaces, and require literally effort to move around. 


A popular choice for small office space are roll out desks. Designed for space saving solutions, the roll out desk deducts up to half the dimensions of a standard sized desk and replaces it with a roll out desk underneath the half size desk that can be used as and when needed. 


When it comes to lighting you may not consider the need to space save when designing your small office, however making the change from floor and desks to wall mounted fixtures can make all the difference when attempting to maximise small spaces. There are so many fantastic wall mounted options that come in a wealth of designs, enabling you to keep your design theme on point whilst being efficient with your space. 

There are many ways that you can utilise your small office space efficiently and in a manner that doesn’t leave you feeling claustrophobic or cluttered. It is important to remember that even with the right furniture, you have to maintain rigorous organisation in smaller spaces as it can easily get out of hand and very messy if you do not regularly tidy and organise your work space. There is no doubt that even the smallest of offices can be as productive and maintain great performance as much as an office twice it’s size, however researching and understanding how to design your small office is key.