Are you sitting comfortably? If not, you, like so many other office based employees, may be suffering the consequences of poorly designed furniture that breach the health & safety requirements and guidelines promoted for office furniture!

We all want the most aesthetically pleasing designs, with the best style and the most attractive attributes like tech and air con, but if you can’t even provide chairs that deliver the right support to your employees you are going to be struggling to keep your workforce focused and their well being will decline resulting in an increase in sick days due to muscle pain and much more.

So what exactly are the health & safety requirements for office furniture?

In the UK currently, there is no legislation with regards to seating in the office, however it is covered in the VDU (Visual Display Unit) Health and Safety at Work Legislation. Doctors have always cited that sitting for long periods of time is extremely detrimental for your health, especially in an environment that induces stress, such as an office. The implications of sitting for long periods can cause painful aches in the back, neck and shoulder, muscle and ligament strain, and over time it can lead to weight gain. Your office should be making a conscious decision to find solutions to protect your employees from suffering or incurring these dangerous problems caused by prolonged sitting.

In the UK employees, although there is no legislation, they do have the right to demand a chair with adjustable height and backrest, an area to work that is well lit, and the most obvious is the right to take several small breaks from sitting down during the day. These rights are obviously completely dependable on the different types of work being performed, with regards to health and safety for employees that will come into action. It is essential for employers to keep up with these issues and use initiative when and where needed, by continually keeping employees updated with well being, health and safety advice and alerting teams about other changes within the working environment.

As well as employers taking control and leading the way for a healthier and safer workplace, it does come down to employees taking action themselves and taking responsibility for their own well being too. A lot of it is common sense, we know that sitting for long periods is bad for us so why not try to stand a couple of times a day and use your allocated break times to stretch your legs instead of sitting at your desk. Whilst working open blinds and get as much natural light in as possible and drink plenty of water too to keep yourself focused and hydrated.

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