Modern offices are always on the look out for futuristic furniture that provides more purpose than it’s initial function. In 2018 we see office furniture designers pushing the boundaries to provide the next best piece of furniture that embodies everything the modern office requires and more.

Just to whet the appetite as to what’s available for consideration when pondering your office refurbishment, we take a glimpse at three areas of office furniture that are being revolutionised:



The office desk of the future is in constant development, but what do we have right now that gives you more than just supporting your fifth cup of coffee of the day, piles of paperwork and your computer? There are now many desks that have wireless speakers and wireless charging ports so that you can charge your phone and laptop without the fuss of 30 leads sticking out of every angle of your desk.

There are plans to make desks that require no desktop objects on them, with a computer and it’s screen built into the desk. This would provide a 99% touchscreen desktop which blows our mind! 



Futuristic and modern office seating focuses heavily on providing comfort and perfecting posture to promoting productive in the office, instead of boosting back ache.

Futuristic office chairs are providing better quality design to ensure your employees are comfortable and reduce the rate of sick days recorded due to poorly designed furniture causing ligament and muscle problems for employees.

Office furniture designers are also seeing the unnecessary need for desks in some cases, creating chairs that have computers installed into them, which is a massive space saver. We are also starting to see office chairs being made that have pedals attached to allow the worker to getting in a work out whilst working and promotes healthy blood flow. 



The desktop computer has already began it’s demise, as laptops, smartphones and tablets have been favoured so that the modern worker can work freely on the go, which is important in this day and age. Something that has been in development for future use in the future office is a pen that looks like a computer.

Not only is it tiny it has two holographic projectors that create a screen and a keyboard, if that isn’t futuristic, we don’t know what is. 


The future is bright for the modern office and all of the futuristic furniture seems to have the well-being and convenience for the worker at the forefront every step of the way. Recognising that creating comfortable and more efficient furniture allows employees to have better focus, productivity and attitude towards work is essential when planning your workspaces as part of an office refit or refurb.