We sit at our desks on an estimated third of our lives, and although you may not consider the importance of the layout of your desk, it can be detrimental to your productivity and even your mood if it is a complete mess. To get you back in focus for work and to give your productivity levels the boost it really needs, we have collected five desk organisation hacks!


First and foremost, one of the best ways to get your desk organised is to compartmentalise everything on your desk so that everything has it’s place. This will help with finding things easier, which can save time and frustration, as well as keeping your desk tidy because everything is put back where it is supposed to be.


Adding some form of plant or greenery has been proven to have a plethora of magical benefits for both your physical and mental well being. Having a plant on or around your desk is also proven to boost productivity amongst those benefits, like stress relief and helping to boost your immune system too. Paradigm Office Interiors have some great ergonomic furniture solutions that will help to better your performance thanks to the support the furniture offers to your physical being.


Investing in ergonomic furniture will definitely benefit and boost your productivity levels. Ergonomic furniture is designed to promote physical well being, avoiding back ache and other muscle strain, which will consequently have an effect on your productivity and abilities to work more comfortably.


One of the biggest drains on your productivity levels is having an unresponsive, untidy computer that has loose files and hundreds of duplicates all over the system. Tidying up your computer by, again, compartmentalising everything on it will give everything on your computer purpose, and it’s time to delete all of the things that really do not need to be on your computer that can be hindering it’s performance, which then has a reflection on the user. If you need to purchase extra online storage and condense down what you have on the physical computer itself, this can really help with the performance of the machine and in turn, will allow you to be more efficient and work faster. 


Use things on or around your desk to inspire you, that will consequently offer you a productivity boost. Whether that be your motivation to work hard, like a picture of your family, or get yourself some prints of your favourite quotes that help you to remember why you’re working and why it is important to you to be productive and have focus. Being inspired is one of the most important emotions you can have whilst working. Being inspired and motivated will enable you to work better and smarter.