We all know someone who has the messiest desk, maybe you are guilty of letting things pile up on your desk?

Although, a creature of messy habits, you will find that the satisfaction and the benefits of having a clean, organised desk will have a massive effect on you and your work ethic as a result. Getting rid of piles of paperwork and replacing broken office furniture can be a really satisfying venture and again, offers so many positive benefits you probably didn’t consider.

So, what are these magical benefits that could come from clearing up your unorganised, messy desk?

Firstly, Marie Kondo has been a phenomenon and inspiration behind a huge surge in interest of being more organised and tidy. Here is a video of the woman herself, explaining some easy ways that you can clean up your desk.

Identifying the necessities in your office environment and at your desk is ultimately the first step to creating a better atmosphere for you to work in. Eliminating unnecessary objects and out dated paperwork from your desk will help to start with the organisation of what is actually needed around you to achieve your work on a daily basis.

There are many reasons why taking the step to de-clutter can be important:

  • De-cluttering your physical space, is commonly said to de-clutter your mind. This allows you to be more productive, efficient and creative.
  • You will find that the quality of your office furniture may not be up to scratch or broken, which in turn hinders your ability to work productively. Replacing old furniture with well functioning new furniture will definitely improve your work ethic mentally and physically.
  • Organising and using organisation tools on and around your desk will again, help with working efficiently. If everything has its own place, you won’t spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to find something, which further leads to distraction to the project you are working on.
  • People who enter into your space will be impressed with a tidy  and well organised office; your working space is a reflection of you and your business, so working in a messy environment may lead to a negative impression being made on a client who will see your business and you personally, as messy and unorganised.

There are some major advantages to creating a working environment that is organised, clean and tidy, not only for your own peace of mind, but when it comes to making an impression on those around you and professionals you work with. It is not difficult to maintain a work space that is well organised, in fact it is proven time and time again that working in a messy environment has many negative effects including making it harder to work efficiently.