Something that often gets overlooked, is the reception area of your office space. Your reception area will make the initial first impressions on clients, customers and employees, so it is important to make sure it represents professionalism and your businesses ethos. We have put together everything you need to consider for your office reception desk.

The Purpose

There are many purposes for your reception desks, and understanding what works well for your business is one of the first steps to creating a productive and presentable reception area. Is your reception desk going to be an area with minimal activity or do you expect to have a busier reception space, with somebody working from that area at all times? You also may need to consider creating a space to allows customers to fill in forms or make payments, meeting the customers needs is an important element to a reception area. Thinking about the purpose of your reception area, and what equipment you will need from phones, to computers and filing systems is one of the first considerations of creating the area.

The Shape & Size

Reception desks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, considering what would suit your reception area best is an important thing to consider. From L shape, to space saving reception desks, there really is the right reception desk for every business, big or small. Again, making this decision comes down to the purpose of your reception area, if you will be experiencing minimal interaction in your reception area, a small desk that can hold the minimal equipment you need is sufficient. However, if you are expecting high traffic through your reception is probably better to consider a larger desk that can facilitate the multiple tasks and ongoing activity in the area.

The Storage

Making sure you have the right storage solutions to accommodate your reception area is essential, there is NOTHING worse than a messy, unorganised reception area, so ensuring that the right storage solutions are installed should be a high priority for your reception design. There are lots of hidden and space saving storage solutions available that will enable your reception team to keep important documents and general admin paraphernalia together and well organised.

The Budget

Your budget spent on the reception area design is completely dependant on how important an element your reception area is for your business. For many businesses that welcome clients and customers into their offices for meetings etc, making sure you have a budget that is enough to create a welcoming, comfortable and unique reception area is essential, and will provide the very first impressions for your guests. If you expect no footfall at all, then your reception area will require minimal effort and budget, however almost all businesses at some point will have meetings with customers or clients, considering that your business may expand to need a more presentable is important too and making sure there is preparation for that eventuality should be highly prioritised.


At Paradigm Office Interiors we offer a wide range of office reception furniture and can provide your workplace with everything from individual items – such as reception desks – up to complete reception area refurbishments/fitouts. For more information, visit our Reception Furniture page or give us a call on 01675­ 437 547.