When choosing the right chairs for your office it’s important to understand how important it really is to get it right for your employees. Consider that on average your workforce are sitting in these chairs for up to 9 hours a day, which really puts into perspective how imperative it is to invest in chairs that sustain support to your employees for a long length of time. Choosing the right office chairs can be the difference between having a team fit for work or having a long list of sick callers with bad backs.

Chronic pain from prolonged use of poorly designed chairs is one of the most complained reasons for not being able to go into work. So, if you thought a chair was just a chair, you thought wrong. It can have a huge impact on the effectiveness, presence and productivity of your employees, that is why in this post we are guiding you on how to choose the right chairs for your office.


If you are in the market for new office furniture or have been researching, you will have come across ergonomics a lot. Many office furniture manufacturers and stockists are aware of the increased time that we are spending at our desks, which is why ergonomic furniture has become so popular and continues to be developed into making optimum working conditions for people. Ergonomic furniture is designed to promote practical posture and enabling the workforce to be seated in optimum comfort, which has been proven to encourage them to work better and smarter. The future of ergonomic furniture, chairs in particular, is continuously being developed and analysed to create the perfect furniture. 


Before buying a chair it’s important to assess and analyse the current working conditions and furniture the office is providing. Getting feedback by the employees themselves on what they find restrictive or uncomfortable about the current furniture will enable you to make a more informed decision about the right chairs and furniture to purchase. There are many things to consider such as how long are your team sat at their desks? Acknowledging other areas of the office like the reception area, how large is your team? Do you need to buy chairs in bulk? There are many factors to consider and it would be wise to understand what and who you are buying for before you get shopping. 


The modern office chair has a tonne of features and specifications that would be wise to analyse and research before you make your purchase. Understanding the mechanisms of the chairs you are buying is important so that you can relay that information and those specifications to your team. As previously discussed in ergonomics, chairs need to provide comfort for optimum efficiency, so ensure that you are purchasing chairs that are adjustable to your diverse employees, that won’t have the same individual needs when it comes to their office chair. 


It is important to consider who will actually be sitting on it, as briefly touched on before, getting feedback from your employees will give you a lot of information to base your purchase on. Another element to take into consideration is whether the same people will be sitting there everyday or do you have a hot desk system at your workplace? Hot desk systems are extremely popular in modern office environments so in these instances it is even more important to purchase adjustable chairs, to ensure everybody can get the most out from them.