Team work and collaborative working is becoming an increasingly popular way to get the job done for many businesses and work forces across the UK. The old saying goes, two heads are better than one, and imagine what you can achieve with four heads, instead of just two and so on.

Businesses are constantly developing their working environments and approaches to being successful in their industries, and team work has proven time and time again to create more success for brands than individual efforts. Working as a team is proven to increase productivity, well being amongst employees and a better working environment for everybody.

But how can you create an effective working environment that allows collaborative creativity to flow freely amongst your team of employees? Introducing the bench desk.

Bench desks are becoming a hugely popular piece of furniture for the modern workplace, and offer a really easy solution to creating a collaborative environment, where workers can thrive.  You can also allow for the option of senior and junior staff to work together with a bench desk.

The desk can be used effectively to help engage employees across the company no matter what their role is and eliminates the sense of hierarchy amongst employees. The bench desk can help to streamline communication, as well as develop and encourage a workforce to adopt values such as collaboration, teamwork and open communication.

This free moving furnishing option can save a lot of space, and help employees to work closer together with the ability to move around with ease, without causing any upheaval to those surrounding them.

Bench desks offer a simple space that allows a number of people to work together in one area to achieve the goals set out for them. A bench desk usually has power sources fitted to them, so again, collaborative work can be achieved with ease.

The bench desk benefits your budget too, as they are one of the least expensive pieces of furniture you can buy on the market, especially when you compare it to the amount of use and productivity it will create for those who use them. Bench desks generally are very basic when it comes to purchasing and are extremely easy to customise to the needs of your office.

Although bench desks allow for free movement and creates an area where everybody is welcome, you can also personalise the spaces that are available on the desk. If a fixed team work at certain desks you can easily allow a more personal space whilst maintaining an open space that allows for team work.

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