We have all been there, trying to complete a task at work that is miserably boring, and finding ourselves taking three times the amount of time to do it because we fall into any distraction we can find. Procrastination is something we are all guilty of from time to time, some of us more than others. You can design an office that will help you to avoid those likely distractions, and better your work time management in the long run. There are many techniques and solutions to help you with procrastination and boost your productivity.


I mean it sounds simple doesn’t it? But, the reality is we are constantly surrounded by distractions in our working environment. Thankfully, there are ways to use office furnishings to ensure that you can be locked into your work with minimal distractions though. You can use partitions to make sure that you are not distracted by the working environment, or that chatty colleague who you know you will spend hours talking to if you don’t shut yourself off for the task.

If your task doesn’t require internet use, a good way to get your work done is to disconnect from the network and work without internet access. Getting distracted by web browsing is one of the highest forms of procrastination to come from the workplace.


If you are in a position to redesign your office, a great way to have employees getting more done is by offering a quiet area that is strictly no mobile phones and no talking. It doesn’t have to be a huge office refit, you can simply designate an area in your current office design or a bank of desks that are going to become the quiet area of the office. Offering this space to employees will allow them to take responsibility for their own time management, and those who struggle with procrastination can have a space that is designed to give them the best chance of being productive.


Procrastination can easily be caused by discomfort, something that can be easily fixed with the use of ergonomic chairs in the workplace. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t support you whilst you are trying to work will cause distraction from constant shifting around, and even having to walk around to loosen up the tension in your body caused by bad posture. This means your work takes a backseat unnecessarily, which can be frustrating and cause employees to feel unable to work in your office.

Ergonomic chairs are designed specifically to support you, and to make sure you are sitting comfortably in a position that not only suits you, but maintains your posture reducing back pain and other joint problems caused by prolonged sitting.

Similarly, we recommend height adjustable desks as a great way to reduce discomfort, back pain and neck strain due to the fact that you can set them to the perfect height for you. Adjustable furniture will as a result, ensure you will be comfortable throughout your working day and reduce the likelihood of becoming distracted.

Paradigm Office Interiors have some great furniture options that will help your employees to work in comfort and reduce the chances of procrastination and distraction from the task at hand.