How important can it be to arrange your desk for optimum productivity? The Huffington Post recently released an info-graphic that claims to be the ideal desk arrangement according to the interest of boosting productivity. In this post we will be dissecting this information and giving you some insight on the benefits.



Having plants in and around your work space is actually proven to boost productivity by 15% in an individual, however this is only one of the many benefits plants offer in the workplace. From reducing stress to absorbing noise pollution, plants have a host of benefits and are an ideal addition to your desk decor. 


Having a good understanding of the importance of paying attention to your posture whilst working will enable you to be productive for longer. Bad posture has many implications to your health and your mood, it can lead to sore backs and feeling sluggish in the process, which doesn’t make for a productive person. The Huffington Post have perfectly pointed out what is essential for good posture in this info-graphic. Your monitor or laptop should be eye level, and you must adjust this accordingly to ensure you are in prime position. A clever way to ensure you are maintaining a good posture is by ensuring your hands, wrists and forearms are parallel with the floor and straight. 


Positioning your desk according to the area that sucks up the most natural daylight is essential for productivity. Daylight is so good for us in general helping with the ability to sleep, be active and being productive. Setting your desk up to take in the daylight will enhance your performance and boost your mood in the process. 


The Huffington Post have featured the colour green as a buzz colour for creativity, and we agree, green is a great colour to surround yourself with whilst working. Colours can have more of an effect on our mood than you may think, and many businesses are aware of this, decorating according to what they want out of their employees. Red is said to be a no go for professional work places, and can be quite an unwelcoming colour. Blue is known for calming and a relaxing mood booster. 

No matter how you want to arrange your desk to optimise your productivity, whether you’re designing an office for just yourself or for a team of people, it’s important to recognise what works and what doesn’t. Your employees and your own wellbeing and health is of highest importance when it comes to your working environment. Paradigm Office Interiors can help you to recreate a work space that optimises productivity whilst ensuring you and your employees are comfortable, happy and healthy.