Treadmill desks have been slowly making their name in offices worldwide. They are exactly as described, a desk that is attached to a treadmill, created in an attempt to encourage office employees working long hours to stay fit and healthy. But, are they practical? Are they revolutionary? And do they work? We’re exploring the future of the treadmill desk.

It has been heavily documented that being stationary for your entire working week which can amass to up to 40 hours, is not good for you, especially for your health, fitness and posture. Sitting for prolonged periods of time has been proven endlessly to cause health risks such as blood clots, obesity and more. But can a treadmill desk actually be effective and at what rate would you need to use the desk to achieve any kind of health benefits?

In terms of obesity, long working hours combined with being stationary for the entirety is never going to be healthy or benefit your waistline. Office workers are 5 times more likely to be obese which is staggering but not unbelievable considering office employees spend most of their time sat down. The treadmill desk was tested on a group of people in 2013, using the desk for one hour a day at one mile per hour, this rate averages at burning 100 calories an hour. Those who were at a safer BMI, lost 3.1 pounds over the course of the year, whilst those who were obese lost an average of 7.5 pounds. Conclusively, it is quite obvious that these desks can be beneficial to those who use them and experts estimated if obese workers used these desks for up to 3 hours a day they could achieve a loss of up to 66kg.

Posture is another issue connected with being stationary all day as an office worker. The treadmill desk still requires consciousness of maintaining a good posture. Whether you are sitting at your desk or on a treadmill, hunching over your computer and keyboard will cause problems over time. Posture is something that cannot be fixed by altering your desk to a treadmill, posture is something that you need to be conscious of and make sitting or standing correctly a priority.

When it comes to worth and value, this is something that is completely dependant on your priorities and concerns. Quite obviously a treadmill desk can be around 10 times more expensive than a traditional desk, so it is worth weighing up your options and what you consider to be more important for you and your employees. There are many fitness companies taking advantage of this trend and creating some great products from it, it is worth shopping around for what you consider to be right for what you require, but there is definitely a wide and increasing availability out there.

So are treadmill desks the future? Well there is definitely proven issues with being stationary all day, so surely a treadmill desk used in moderation and used effectively can be beneficial to everyone, right? For those who love to multitask and are making their fitness a priority this new year, may find these desks a god send. This is definitely paving the way for future development and focus on increasing our movement during office hours, which can only be positive.