The average person spends most of their life time in a working environment, be it your work offices or someone else’s.

Employers must fully engage with employees so as to create an environment that positions everyone to do their best work. Such engagement should not just be centred on the work and necessary tools to complete a task, but also on the psychological and social needs of the employees.

Researchers have noted that the type of interior designs and the level of input employees have in the organisation of the workspace greatly impacts psychological well-being and productivity.

Subtle Changes for Massive Impacts

The more comfortable an employee is within their working environment the more it will Increase team commitment, effort and efficiency.

Some simple tweaks that you can make to easily improve the office environment are:

  • Nature in the Office

If only one option is open to you to improve your workspace then go with Mother Nature. A 1984 study found patients recovering from surgery, when assigned to a room overlooking trees, required less painkillers and less days of recuperation time. In the working environment having views of the outdoors has shown to promote improved performance.

Of course city dwellers might not have this option, but adding flowers into your office or a small pot plant by your desk has a tremendous impact. Natural settings have been said to rejuvenate and restore mental resources.

  • Lighting in the Office

Sunlight regulates our circadian rhythms which affect our bodies’ functions. Lack of sunlight causes an imbalance in serotonin and melatonin which messes with our immune system and affects sleep patterns.

Sun rays on our skin releases nitric oxide which dilates with our blood vessels and lowers our blood pressure.

  • Collaboration in the Office

The best employers realise that creating an environment where employees feel connected to the organisation and enjoy the company of colleagues can result in higher productivity.

Researchers believe “Friendships are likely to develop on the basis of brief and passive contacts made going to and from home or walking about the neighbourhood”. Because of this a focus on making more effective and inviting common areas within the office has become key to increasing communication and idea sharing within.

You can see this in practice exampled in the offices of Google and Instagram.

For more advice on simple changes within the office space, or if you are in need of a total office make-over, contact us. We are experts in this area and we’d love to help.