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The global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has impacted almost all walks of life, raising wide-reaching questions for businesses around the post-lockdown return to ‘normality’ and, indeed, challenging what ‘normality’ should be going forward. Not least of these questions is: what lessons have been learned from the pandemic that can be used to shape the workplace and business practices moving forward that will retain the best of the enforced change in practices brought about by social distancing measures in addition to ensuring, as best as is practicable, a safe environment for the workforce?

The key measure, in terms of the workplace, is how to incorporate the best practices of social distancing into a functional working environment without hindering the performance of the business and the staff within it. As specialists in the design of workplace environments, we can help you meet the challenges that this approach has raised and offer a range of solutions that, as far as is reasonably practicable, alleviate many of the concerns associated with the post-lockdown office landscape.

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Whilst there has been a move, in recent years, from the ‘booth’ style office layout to open plan, the exigencies of social distancing dictate that degrees of separation need to be applied to workers in any workplace environment and, furthermore that where practicable, some form of barriering or shielding is preferable to enable workers to operate in partial isolation from their colleagues. Furthermore, businesses have had to action more home working for their employees’ which in a lot of cases will continue after this crisis is over. This change in headcount allows for businesses to allocate the office based staff a larger footprint of space to create these new more cellular environments.

However, there are a number of innovative ways to which these principles can be adhered without a complete rebuilding of every workplace and thus minimising the outlay to the business along with minimising the disruption to the workflow of the business.

We can supply protective screens that can easily be fixed to your existing fittings and furniture

With careful space planning, the reconfiguration of office furniture and the use of additional items such as screens and partitioning, we can create a working environment that incorporates both the latest principles in providing a safe post-lockdown working environment with the functionality required for businesses to undertake their day-to-day tasks with a minimum of disruption.

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