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Office Decor Colours & Mood

The Impact of Colour: Office Furniture & Decor

Although people have been sceptical of the idea that colour has an impact on the attitude and behaviours of your work force, it has been researched thoroughly enough to prove there is actually some weight in the evidence that it can improve or decrease the productivity of employees.  The psychological impact that the colours in your office can have on your employees can be a great boost when done right, but if done wrong, could be detrimental to your business.

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Sustainability in Office Furniture

Sustainability throughout life, work and everything in between has become one of the most talked about topics in 2019 so far. When it comes to office furniture, sustainability comes from the interior designers, in which they seek to minimise the negative impacts the environment we work in has on everything surrounding it.

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What does your office say about your business?

What Your Office Says About Your Business

When a potential new client or employee walks into your office, what do they see? Here’s a clue, they don’t see what you see! You and your staff are used to looking at the same walls and desks every day – You’ve stopped seeing the old office chair that sits in a corner with no reason to be there and that broken printer that sits on table next to the new one.

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Changing Your Office Furniture

Five Reasons To Upgrade Your Office Furniture In 2019

Although it can be tempting to keep costs down, upgrading your office furniture can be more beneficial than saving a pretty penny. There are so many different designs that range from affordable to disposable budget, and depending on what you’re in the market for, upgrading your office furniture will only have a positive effect on your business. Here we share five reasons to upgrade your office furniture in 2019.

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The Benefits of Standing Desks

The Benefits Of Standing Desks

Shopping around for a new desk this new year? Maybe you should consider one of the latest trends in office furniture – standing desks. Standing desks are perceived as offering many benefits, and many businesses are already operating standing desks only in their offices worldwide. But just what are the benefits of standing desks?

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How to Setup Your Office Desk

Arranging Your Desk For Optimum Productivity

How important can it be to arrange your desk for optimum productivity? The Huffington Post recently released an info-graphic that claims to be the ideal desk arrangement according to the interest of boosting productivity. In this post we will be dissecting this information and giving you some insight on the benefits.

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