A person’s desk can say a lot about the person who works at it, are you a tidy worker or a messy worker? If you are the latter, you may find that your creative chaos is actually setting you back. Now, it is practically impossible to have a tidy desk at all times, but ensuring you are creating a working space that is organised is essential for so many working benefits in the long run.

So, where does time management tie in with a tidy desk?

Having a tidy desk can have a great impact on your time management performance, being able to find everything you need, and knowing where anything is on and around your desk is key to less time wasting and key to decreasing the opportunity to procrastinate whilst exploring the depths of your messy desk to find what you are looking for.

If you are guilty of having a messy desk and poor time management skills, it could be as simple as getting it together, cleaning your desk and applying a place for everything to inspire organisation on your personal working space.

We have a few ways you can work towards getting more done, in less time…

  • Collect up all the paper on your desk, organise into piles of priority and bin the rubbish. If it’s an actionable item, place it in your in-tray, if it’s an item that needs filing away, do it now. By the end of this exercise your desk should not have any random pieces of paper floating around.
  • Trust your filing system, update it, and if you don’t already have one make creating a filing system a priority. Establishing or updating a filing system to ensure it will take absolutely no time at all to find exactly what you are looking for is of the highest importance if you want to improve your time management skills.
  • Use to do lists and planners to organise your schedule, which will enable you to prioritise what needs to be done and prepare for your day ahead. You can get wall planners that can map out your month ahead and keep you focused on what is left to do, your deadlines and targets. Creating daily to do lists is an important task that will encourage better time management too, as you can map out your day ahead specifically to ensure you stay on course to get everything done.

A tidy and organised desk encourages a tidy and organised mind, with the year ending and a new year approaching too it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of changing old habits and creating new ones that will enable you to achieve more in less time, and have a better quality of a working environment in the long run.