Every office and every business has a wide range of duties and responsibilities that need to be completed. Most businesses will have separate departments for specific needs of the business, and this is where desk partitions and screens can be handy.

Creating a productive environment that allows employees to focus and at the same time, allows the office to flow in a healthy manner is important. Certain areas of your business will demand employees to work in close proximity with others who share a similar role, whilst other members of your staff may benefit from integrating with other areas of business.

Desk partitions and screens enable your working area to be defined as yours. It is of course important to make your office as aesthetically pleasing as possible but also valuing the need for your office furniture to create a productive environment is paramount.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to suitability and right for the needs of different areas of your business. The cosmetics should be a merely a small consideration over the likelihood that a partition or screen of any kind is going to enhance the work of your team.

Finding the right balance between collaboration and privacy will of course, depend on the type of business you have. However, if you do have a more collaborative approach to your business ethos, it’s important to provide your employees with a space to work where they feel that they are able to concentrate and work effectively.

If you do use a more hot desking, collaborative approach to your employees environment, it might be worth creating an area of your office where employees can just have some peace and quiet so that they can focus on getting their heads down.

Another thing to be considered is how cost effective using partition and screens can be. Generally trying to create a modern office that offers something for everyone can be a challenge, especially went it comes to prioritising productivity and wellbeing for your employees. Understanding how your budget and the needs of the working environment must both be prioritised in equal measure, will help you to develop and design a working space that benefits both the business and the employees.

Overall, partitions and screens can be a really positive addition to the right business and right working environment. They can be a fantastic addition to your office and offer something different to employees who just need to get their work done, without the input of others. Ensuring you pick a fantastic office designer and having a clear picture of how it will benefit your office will make the process much easier.

Paradigm Office Interiors have a number of years of experience in office design and furniture. We have experience in creating office spaces that work for every type of employee and every type of business.