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Emerging Office Design Concepts In 2019

By |2019-05-28T10:19:53+01:00May 28th, 2019|Office Interiors|

We are moving towards the mid-point of 2019, and as usual office furniture and design is continuing to develop and revolutionising as we become more and more conscious of the needs and desires of employees in addition to the demands and requirements of modern business. So, now seems like to a good time to identify

The Impact of Colour: Office Furniture & Decor

By |2019-04-01T21:55:12+01:00April 1st, 2019|Office Interiors|

Although people have been sceptical of the idea that colour has an impact on the attitude and behaviours of your work force, it has been researched thoroughly enough to prove there is actually some weight in the evidence that it can improve or decrease the productivity of employees.  The psychological impact that the colours in

What Your Office Says About Your Business

By |2019-02-26T09:30:30+00:00February 26th, 2019|Office Interiors|

When a potential new client or employee walks into your office, what do they see? Here’s a clue, they don’t see what you see! You and your staff are used to looking at the same walls and desks every day – You’ve stopped seeing the old office chair that sits in a corner with no

Signs Your Office Needs An Upgrade

By |2018-11-29T12:30:01+00:00November 29th, 2018|Office Interiors|

There are many obvious signs that your office needs an upgrade, but it can take a lot more than just a lick of paint to change the working environment you and your employees require. An office makeover can do much more than just modernise the room, it can affect the way everybody works, which is

Reception Area Etiquette – Design & Furniture

By |2018-11-26T10:23:20+00:00November 26th, 2018|Office Interiors|

The reception area of your office or commercial premises is the very first impression your clients and customers get when they visit your building, so as always it’s important to leave a good first impression. There are some crucial elements that your reception area needs to provide, some are more obvious than others.

How To Make Your Office Design More Eco Friendly

By |2019-09-05T10:50:53+01:00September 4th, 2018|Office Interiors|

Taking consideration of the huge focus on global warming is essential for the modern workplace and creating an environmentally friendly office will see your workplace doing their bit and making their mark in the battle to decrease the damage we are imprinting on the planet.

How Technology is Changing Office Interior Design

By |2018-08-30T11:56:43+01:00August 30th, 2018|Office Interiors|

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, it is having a huge impact on the design of the modern office. Creating working spaces that suit the modern work ethic and atmosphere is important to encourage productivity and inspiration to your team. In this post we look at 3 key ways in which technology

How to Create a Break Area That Boosts Productivity

By |2018-07-26T12:33:07+01:00July 26th, 2018|Office Interiors|

It’s no secret that levels of productivity in the UK have dipped in recent years and there are many factors that contribute to this. Employees have been working longer and feeling less appreciated by their superiors, both elements that have negatively affected the productivity levels and willingness to go the extra mile for the employer.

Considerations for an Office Refit – Part 2: Structure & Layout

By |2018-07-26T11:56:38+01:00July 26th, 2018|Office Interiors|

In the previous article we looked at how to establish the parameters for an office refurb/fit-out project and how to get the right people involved to ensure the project is a success. In this article we turn our attention to the refit itself and focus on the structural changes available that can be made within

Considerations for an Office Refit – Part 1: Information Gathering

By |2018-06-27T15:57:28+01:00June 27th, 2018|Office Interiors|

So, you feel that your business needs are not being met by your current workspace – this maybe due to increasing staff numbers, changes in working practices, increased demand for machinery, more stock holding space, physical degradation or a combination of elements, for example – what should you consider in order to get the desired