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Office Soft Furnishings

Do Soft Furnishings Belong in the Modern Worksplace?

The modern office is no longer just about being a clinical space with a purpose for just functionality with recent research identifying the modern office as rapidly changing to create a more comfortable space, with greater emphasis placed on employee’s well-being through office design.

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Office Design Trends for 2018


The interior design of our office space has become more and more important in the last decade. No longer is a computer, wall partition and telephone sufficient in the workplace and more businesses are taking notice of the impact that a more comfortable, flexible and brighter environment can have on the well-being and mood of employees.

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Office Breakout Areas

Breakout Areas … and Why You Need Them

Traditional office-design thinking was to minimise areas of staff congregation and any areas other than workspace were kept to a bare minimum. However, this approach has radically been shaken-up in recent years and the reasoning behind it, and impact this shift has on a business and its staff, may surprise you!

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Harness the power of your workplace in 2018

Harness the Power of Your Workspace for 2018

With a new year ahead of us, we thought it useful to highlight some of the less obvious, but highly important, benefits of casting a fresh eye over your workspace when considering how best to allocate resources in 2018.

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